A Primer – Episode 0.5

Episode 0

Show Notes: Episode 0.5


Who we are: 4 friends that play Guild Wars and will be playing the hell out of Guild Wars 2. In this section we will talk about what we’ve been doing since last podcast


We will go  over a few noteworthy news items and discuss the impact of these subjects.

Discussion Topic

We will have a pre-determined topic that we go around about until its sufficiently beaten to the ground (e.g. quality of press beta coverage, discussion of the fun/unfun bits of a certain class, etc)

Viewer Feedback

Any emails are read/discussed


You can listen live at http://www.twitch.tv/wowsolietu

Podcast form on Youtube at http://www.youtube.com/wowsolietu or iTunes by searching Ascendants of Ascalon.

How to get ahold of the show: Email – ascendantsofascalon@gmail.com Twitter: @aofa_podcast Web: ascendantsofascalon.wordpress.com

Individually: Jared @solietu Jeremy @jqsage Dave and Mel via one of us.


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