Episode 1 – Breaking Down Our Classes

Episode 1

(P.S. I know the audio is a little sketchy…I’m working on a local recording method so I don’t have to pull from the stream VoD to get audio)

1. I hold people to my god-like standards, it’s Dave.
2. I don’t believe in PvP, but I’ve taken WvW under consideration, it’s Jeremy.
3. In spite of lack of proof last week, I’m really a girl,  it’s Mel.
4. I’m bad at audio, it’s Jared.


Eric Flannum On What to Expect from Explorable Mode (orginally on gw2guru)


ZAM Interview with Jon Peters on Competitive PvP, ESports, etc.

Discussion Topic
Traits and Attributes  and class breakdown of Mesmer, Engineer, Guardian , and Necromancer

You can reach us in the following ways.
Web – ascendantsofascalon.wordpress.com
Email- ascendantsofascalon@gmail.com Twitter- @aofa_podcast
Individually: Jared @Solietu Jeremy @jqsage
Listen Live at http://www.twitch.tv/wowsolietu
Can listen on Youtube at www.youtube.com/wowsolietu
Can also listen on iTunes or Stitcher!


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