Episode 4 – From a Trickle to a Flood

Episode 4

What have you been doing this week?

News Topics

GW2 CBT3 Dynamic Event System Primer

GW2 Crafting And Transmutation Primer

TB Thoughts on CBT3

GW Online blog about the downed mechanic

GBTV Posts 6 reasons GW2 Will Live Up to the Hype

Beliasta’s Dodge Breakdown

ANet’s president speaks out about Microtransactions and the Sub Model

Dave’s Raves
Pugs can’t do fowsc 4tway. Stop, Dear god, just stop.

Discussion Topic

Favorite Zone in GW 1 and why

Listener Feedback

Still none.  Send us feedback!
You can reach us in the following ways.
Web- ascendantsofascalon.wordpress.com
Email- ascendantsofascalon@gmail.com Twitter- @aofa_podcast
Individually: Jared @Solietu Jeremy @jqsage Dave  Mel
Listen Live at http://www.twitch.tv/wowsolietu
Can listen on Youtube at www.youtube.com/wowsolietu
Also can listen on ITunes or Stitcher


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