Episode 6 – Feedback Breeds Conversation

Episode 6

What have you been doing this week?


PC Gamer Previews the Elementalist

Stress Test on Friday April 13

Guild Wars 2 recieves its official ESRB rating

Jon Peters on Traits (again)

Jon Peters on Builds

GWI Acheivement Primer

Dave’s Raves

Discussion Topic

Favorite Story Arc or Campaign Story

@moosesfaces-hmm….I think EoTN was my favorite 🙂
Stubbz06-I would have to say my favorite story arc has to be very beginning story when Prince Rurik realizes the battle is lost, and beseeches the king to give the kingdom up and escape alive to the neighboring human kingdom of Kryt. Well we all know how that went, King Adelbern exiles the prince for his pansy ass whining. Of course then Price Rurik gets trapped and killed by the Stone Summit dwarves.

Listener Feedback
Stubbz06-At least you guys/girl get one email this week, hopefully this isn’t the only one. Great show and I look forward to the funny ass commentary each Tuesday evening.

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