Episode 8 – Insert Sex Joke Here

Episode 8


Fear of diving boards.
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGkkHMVSyYo and http://imgur.com/D3SoG

Topic Poster Turtlemilk makes a good forum post.


Beta Weekend Footage (from us)
http://youtu.be/HK6TwoA5E0I (LA Diving Board)
http://youtu.be/zubSN51jFVk (Great Northern Wall Jumping Puzzle)

Jon Peters on Melee vs Ranged

Andrew Mcleod on the Future of PvE Tuning

Daves Raves

People and Beta. People play beta thinking it’s a release candidate.

Discussion Topic

Beta Weekend Highlights/Lowlights

Listener Feedback

Stubbz-First and foremost, the 1st beta weekend event went much smoother than I thought it would. Yes, there were points at which players were disconnected and had to try multiple times to log-in. But the overall weekend was pretty steady. I played a elementalist, which was amazing. Switching between attunements had a much more fluid feeling then I was expecting. And even though I failed at dodge rolling, it was still alot of fun to see a new mechanic integrated into the game. The only downside, if you can really call it that, is that I did not get to try out the dungeon content because the lowest level dungeon started at level 30. I also found out through GameInformer magazine that the game will launch with 8 dungeons, and that the tutorial area for the Sylvari is much more impressive than the Norn area(one giant easy to kill worm, really?). That aside, the guild mechanic was well integrated into the UI and had a ton of features that I look forward to in the full release. I look forward to the next beta weekend with loads of anticipation(insert Dave/Mel sex joke). Also I want to give a shout out to the Ascendants of Ascalon for their open door policy on inviting people to groups, thanks folks :-). Oh, and Mel, thank you for always having worse shit happen to you, it always makes me feel like my day could have been alot worse!

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