Episode 9 – The Final Countdown (Fail?)

Episode 9

What have you been doing this week?



Stress Test Monday May 14
Beta Forums Reset (Speculation)
Ogden in Guild Wars 2? (Speculation)

Long Term Development goals?

Gamebreaker.tv marvels at the smoothness of the “Stress Test”

Guild Wars 2 “on track” for 2nd half of 2012 release, via NCSoft Q1 earnings call

Gamebreaker.tv gives 4 Reasons that Guild Wars 2 will force other MMOs to adapt

Dave’s Raves

Leaking things, and why you shouldn’t do it (Asura screenshots leaked today)

Discussion Topic

What do you listen to while you’re gaming?

Stubbz – While gaming I usually listen to the Nom Nom Noming of someone eating cookies/chips/Mel snacks. And the use of the word penetration in creativity ways, as well as the late comments of a responsible host. Other games that are non-MMO, well usually someone yelling HEADSHOT! I really gotta stop playing FPS games.

@moosefaces it depends. If it’s Guild Wars, then it’s just the game music since it’s beautiful. Other stuff, I like Mudvayne and stuff like it.

Listener Feedback

iTunes Reviews –  5 stars by “umm, no” – ahaha, excellent podcast. Lots of inside jokes in the preshow, but still funny!

5 stars by “StalkerMagecomplex”(Stubbs) – This podcast is a group of 4 friend coming together to talk about something they all enjoy: Guild Wars 2.  They joke about a lot of different topics and are pretty laid back (which is a good thing). But if you’re looking for more than that, there is a diamond in the rough with this podcast, they talk about current events in Guild Wars 2 and really respond to follower/listener feedback.  It’s a good podcast for people who just want to chat about what they think, not to be judged on the content, but by the experience.  there is some mature language, but there is a disclaimer at the beginning of every show as a reminder.  So if you’re looking for relevant information on Guild Wars 2 and enjoy a comfortable , comical atmosphere then this podcast is for you.

4 stars by “hrafnagaldr” (updated) – The show has come a long way in the short while since starting.  Even though the host (Jared) calls me a douchebag for my previous (not entirely positive) review, I’ve kept listening and each week gets better.  Keep up the good work guys (and gal).

You can reach us in the following ways.
Call – 605-951-0522
Web- ascendantsofascalon.wordpress.com
Email- ascendantsofascalon@gmail.com
Twitter- @aofa_podcast
Individually: Jared @Solietu Jeremy @jqsage Dave  Mel
Listen Live at www.twitch.tv/wowsolietu
Also can listen on ITunes or Stitcher


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