Episode 11 – BWE2…It’s a Thing

Episode 11

What did you do this week?



BWE2 announced for June 8-10

ArenaNet announces that they’ve doubled their server capacity for BWE2

PC Gamer Reveals Gendarran Fields playable during BWE2

Shadow Refuge Blog Goes in depth with cross-profession combos

GW2Junkies Speculates Thanksgiving Release Window for GW2

GW2 Guru suggests 10 Things to try during the next BWE

Discussion Topic

Holy Trinity

Stubbz – I think alot of people have a misconception when it comes to Guild Wars 2 and the idea of the “Holy Trinity”. ArenaNet is not doing away with the holy trinity as much as it is condensing and streamlining it. Instead of having three different characters doing three separate “jobs”, now each individual character takes on all of these roles. A big reason so many players are getting bent over this is because of the system that has been in place for more than a decade now. People have become comfortable, and ultimately complacent when it comes MMOs. This new idea of having to multi-task scares the piss out of people who are not use to it, or can’t adapt quickly. But ArenaNet has taken steps to help players adjust to this new idea:The down-state system, the way points in dungeons, and the fact that bosses do not have health resets are just a few examples. All these mechanics have been put into place, and only with time and practice can players come to appreciate what ArenaNet has done. Guild Wars 2 rises the bar on the MMO genre, it needs players to step up and do the same.

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