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Episode 13 – Back and Better Than Ever!

Episode 13

What did you do this week?


We’re looking for a Guardian, a Ranger, and a Thief to come on the show starting July 31.  If interested please email the show or send a DM on Twitter to @Solietu or @aofa_podcast

ArenaNet Details BWE3 Content

Do you think this beta event will be optimized since the game thus far is overly polished to begin with?

BWE3 and Launch Client will be the same.

Guild Wars 2 Hub has Exclusive Interview with Colin Johanson

Colin Johanson & Eric Flannum Fill In Some Details about Level 80

Discussion Topic

Will You Rush to End Game? or Take Your Sweet Time?

@moosefaces – I’ll be taking my sweet ass time 😀
@meg_arms – Totally taking my time.
Stubbz – When Guild Wars 2 launches I plan on taking my time to level up. When I enter an area I want to explore everyone corner of it, that includes finishing all the skill point challenges, finding all the waypoints, points of interest, and now with the new addition of the map completion: vistas. Not only will this fulfill my need to explore everything, but it will also give plenty of experience to help me stay leveled properly as I go from area to area. I also plan on picking up a crafting skill or two at level 5 to help with guild maintance and take some of  the responsiblity off of the local crafter aka Mel. I assume that there will be end game content, according to my sources that has been confirmed, but I don’t need to rush to get there. And as time goes on more end game content hopefully will be added and that just gives me more incentive to causally level my character.

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