Episode 16 – Sneaking and Slashing

Episode 16

What did you do this week?


We’re looking for a Ranger next week.  If interested please email the show ascendantsascalon@gmail.com or send a DM on Twitter to @Solietu or @aofa_podcast

Next week’s show will be on Sunday night August 19th at 7pm CDT because my work training schedule is such that I’ll be working the night of the 21st.

All the Stress Tests! (August 9th-12th)
Another stress test scheduled August 15 from 12-4pm PDT

Preorder codes are finally able to registered!

GWI finds a tool to help determine if your machine can run GW2 on launch.

GWI: Why Guild Wars 2 Is Great for busy adults

Discussion Topic

Warrior Overview
Thief Overview

Additional Links Discussed in the Show
Jared’s Thief Build

You can reach us in the following ways.
Call – 605-951-0522
Web- ascendantsofascalon.wordpress.com
Email- ascendantsofascalon@gmail.com
Twitter- @aofa_podcast
Individually: Jared @Solietu Jeremy @jqsage
Listen Live at http://www.twitch.tv/AscendantsofAscalon
Also can listen on ITunes or Stitcher


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