Episode 22 – We’ll End Game Ya Later

Episode 22

What did you do this week?


Show Updates:
No Show 10/2 because Dave and Mel will be together at Dave’s and Jared will be doing nice things for his wife’s birthday.

Jared was on Episode 75 of 5 Wow Things to spread the word about the game to other gaming circles.

Format Tweak: Since we typically spend a lot of time in discussion over the news items, we’re going to remove the dedicated Discussion Topic and change it to a more Open discussion time.  So, what will happen going forward is that we’ll put out a couple of calls each week on twitter for a topic or topics you’d like us to discuss, and we’ll discuss them.  Additionally, if there are any topics that we don’t have a news item as an excuse to discuss them, we may also bring in topics of our own.  For example, this week I wanted to talk about Crafting, but there wasn’t a newsy excuse to talk about Crafting, so we’ll talk about that later.

GWI: ANet Addresses High-Level Content Concerns

Monday Patch Notes

List of Upcoming Changes

“True Action Combat” Mod released and goes viral.
(Update) https://forum-en.guildwars2.com/forum/support/account/Will-I-get-banned-for-using-Combat-Mode-1-0/first#post234824

GWI: Mod released that allows use of Xbox 360 Controller

World Transfers Limited to 1/day

Colin J discusses future plans for PvP (Colin’s post is at the bottom of page 1 as of this posting)

Open Discussion (Topics covered listed below)

Aggelos – What is your perception of “end game” and how does reality stack up to this perception, if it all?

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