Episode 25 – We Love That You Love Us

Episode 25

This is the Ascendants of Ascalon podcast a group of four friends gathered to talk about Guild Wars 2, ourselves, and how both of those things have grown in the last 25 episodes.

(Retro Lookback Intros, from the lost pilot episode)

I’m still assigning people mental defects when they talk in public chat, it’s Dave
My main in Guild Wars was a female because she had nice boobs, now I play a giant Norn beefcake, it’s Jeremy.
Yep, still a girl…it’s Mel
I rolled an Asuran in Guild Wars 2 so that I could roleplay assholery, instead I just confuse the fuck out of mobs and occasionally myself, I’m Jared.

What did you do this week?


October 22 Patch Notes

Shadow of the Mad King Release Trailer

Pink Day in LA held Saturday

Dungeon Loot System being reworked because “dropped loot is abysmal”

GW2 Programmer AMA on Reddit (10/17)

Gem Card Retailers Listed

Open Discussion (Topics covered listed below)

If you were introducing a friend to MMOs, would Guild Wars 2 be your first choice?

What was your favorite moment from the first 25 episodes?

You can reach us in the following ways.
Call – 605-951-0522
Web- ascendantsofascalon.wordpress.com
Email- ascendantsofascalon@gmail.com
Twitter- @aofa_podcast
Individually: Jared @Solietu Jeremy @jqsage
Listen Live at http://www.twitch.tv/AscendantsofAscalon
Also can listen on ITunes or Stitcher

Ascendants of Ascalon is now a member of the GKick Network.
For other great podcasts, blogs, and assorted content, check them out at www.gkick.net


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